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How to Decide Who To Rent Out Your Commercial Property To

There is a foundation to nearly everything you can think of. A home or skyscraper has a foundation – certain structural elements that are necessary for it to rise, and remain standing.

There is a foundation to becoming a top realtor, too. Realtors can’t get away from the foundation principles and skills that will help move them to the top of their real estate field. Nor should they try to. Let’s look at some elements of a realtor’s foundation.

A realtor’s foundation

  • Knowledge: A top realtor is knowledgeable about the real estate industry, applicable real estate laws, documents required for selling, renting, or buying property, the transaction timeline, and intimate knowledge of his or her realty market.
  • Professionalism: He is professional at all levels and at all times. Lack of professionalism is a breach of trust with:
    • Clients
    • Colleagues
    • Competitors
    • Properties being represented
  • Diligence: A great realtor does due diligence when representing a property from marketing it to its greatest advantage, to providing full disclosure, and completing all related transactions in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Resourcefulness: A knowledgeable realtor is resourceful, always looking for opportunities to be a creative problem solver for clients. This realtor knows the financial contacts, repair persons, property inspectors, and other community service providers who can help address clients’ concerns throughout the selling or buying process. The sensible realtor uses all available resources to market a property. Photographs, website video tours and slide shows are seasonally appropriate and of professional quality. The resourceful realtor markets clients’ properties as fully as possible – in print, on social media, websites, MLS, etc.
  • Realistic: A genuine realtor is realistic – about neighborhood property values, what a property is truly worth, and is willing to honestly and respectfully convey that information to clients.
  • Social skills: A top realtor has excellent social skills and gives of them from his or her heart. Few things can be more off-putting to clients than a realtor with poor social skills. That negative first impression made by an unmannered realtor can never be taken back.
  • Integrity: A top realtor works with integrity at all times. This realtor will never artificially inflate or deflate a property’s value, use pressure tactics to make a sale, suggest a client provide false information, or misrepresent services.

The number one element

Leading every list and included in every article on what makes a great realtor is communication. The top realtor communicates with clients honestly and respectfully. Calls and messages are returned in a timely manner. The top realtor carefully explains the buying or selling process to clients. He actively listens to their priorities, concerns, and interests. She keeps clients up to date using their preferred methods – text, email, phone, or fax.

Becoming a top realtor takes years of experience, good observation skills, and the willingness to grow – as a realtor and as a person. Each skill builds on another, forming an invaluable foundation that supports a top realtor’s success.

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