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How to Conduct an AC Transformer Test

A transformer is an electrical device that changes an electricity voltage into another. In particular, it changes electricity from a high voltage into a lower one. It lets the electricity run through coils that are wound around an iron core. A typical AC transformer consists of two sets of wires.

Usually, AC transformers are used to lower the voltage of the electricity that passed through power lines and flows into your home’s electrical wiring. This will reduce the voltage to a safer level to ensure your home appliances have just the right amount of electricity. However, there are smaller transformers or adapters that you can use to further reduce voltage, thus ensuring safer function of appliances like home computers.

If you feel that you must do a quick test then you will have to do an AC test transformer. Simply follow the steps listed below:

1. Inspect the transformer. Usually, transformers become damaged because of overheating. If you see any burn marks or bulges on the transformer, then don’t test it anymore because those are indications that it’s no longer working properly. It is better to replace it instead.

2. Understand how the wiring in the transformer is made. This way, you will identify which electrical circuits are for the input and the outputs. These are clearly labeled, thus making it easier for you to study everything closely to know how each part is connected.

3. Test each coil separately for shorts or breaks. Use your ohmmeter and put one lead to each wire of the coil. If the meter reads infinity, then there is a break in that coil. A break in a coil means it’s useless. On the other hand, if it reads zero, then there is a short. If you continue to use a coil with a short, it might explode.

4. To test each wire for a ground, hold one meter lead to a wire and the other to each metal part of the transformer. Hold both wires of the coil together and hold one meter lead to those wires. Touch the other lead to every other wire.

5. Test the voltages across each coil. It should be within 80% of the expected voltage printed in the manual or on the transformer itself.

Once you’ve successfully tested every aspect of the transformer and made sure everything is within acceptable parameters, you may then reassemble the transformer and use it again. With the AC test transformer, you will ensure that your transformers are still in proper working condition. This way, you will minimize the risk of malfunctions, grounds, and explosions that could render your appliances useless and may even cause injury.

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