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Hiring A Personal Real Estate Assistant

There may come a time in your career as a real estate agent that you are doing very well, but you are starting to feel the pressure of not being able to get everything done. You need help and cannot depend on your associates for the kind of help that you need.

If you have a good number of listings, more buyers than you can handle and homes ready to transfer title you’re a good candidate for hiring an assistant. One person can do just so much, and hiring an assistant will bring you to the next level.

If you’re wondering what an assistant can do for you, I have outlined the basics to give you an idea of what a real estate assistant’s job description would be.

He or she will assist with showing properties as well as going on listing appointments with you. They will be able to help with putting a market value report together. Other tasks would include setting appointments with buyers and sellers, doing open houses, help with mailings, keep records, place signs for open houses and help you with phone calls.

A good assistant will constantly be prospecting for new business. Meeting all your clients is very important as well as previewing or your listings or other listings for potential buyers.

As you can see, a real estate assistant will be an extended version of yourself doing tasks and freeing you to do the things that are productive for your business. What you must have, is a mindset of being able to delegate jobs for the assistant to do, and letting them do it! Letting go and having your assistant take over these tasks is usually the hardest thing for an agent to do, especially in the beginning stages.

When you first get an assistant there is a learning period that both of you have to go through. You will have a few snags here and there, but they can all be handled with a little patience on your end. Once that’s done, you will reap many rewards by having someone to assist you

One thing I recommend is that you have your assistant working as an independent contractor. By doing this you will avoid all the problems of withholding taxes and filing unemployment insurance. Speak to your account or your broker to get guidance on how to accomplish this. I also recommend that you have a real estate, personal assistant agreement. This personal assistant agreement will set up the guidelines for you and your assistant. Everyone will know what’s expected of them.

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