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For Your RV: Choosing the Best Satellite TV Antenna on Flush Mounts

To most recreational vehicle owners, their RVs are the big toys where they can live in. Not as comfortable as your house but comfortable enough to have a piece of home while travelling. RV lovers tend to accessorize their vehicles with the best possible gadgets and things. A satellite TV with the best satellite TV dish or receiver on flush mounts is a must, especially when travelling with the whole family.

Have you ever wondered how satellite TV broadcasting actually works? It is quite interesting to know this process. There are 5 major components in this system:

1. The programming source or the satellite TV network company. These are the people you pay to have a satellite TV service. They do not own the channels and shows broadcasted on your TV screens, they pay companies like ESPN and HBO for them to broadcast their contents.

2. The broadcasting center is the heart of the system, the main hub. At this center your satellite TV provider receives the signals from different programming sources. These signals are thrown to another receiver which is a satellite hovering above the Earth.

3. The same satellite transmits the signals back to Earth.

4. At this point your dish picks up the signal then passes this on to the receiver inside your RV.

5. The receiver processes the signal so these can be viewed on your TV.

Now choosing the best satellite dish, also called “mini dish,” can be tricky so it is best to know your different options. Satellite TV network companies are of course providing this to clients, often times for free. But not having to pay does not mean you just accepting what is offered. Know what you are getting. You need to be able to get the best satellite reception when you go to different places with your RV.

The mini dish can come in different sizes like 18-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, etc. The bigger the diameter, the better signal reception is expected. Aside from its capacity to receive better signals, you also need to consider the Low Noise Block (LNB). To define simply, LND is that device attached to the front of a mini dish that receives the signal from a satellite. It amplifies those microwave signals then converts it to a form that is readable by the receiver inside your RV which is connected to the TV. During the conversion process, it eliminates those unwanted signals so the receiver only gets the clear digital image of the broadcast.

You will encounter the terms dual-band, dual-frequency and also multi-LNB, these all refers to the capacity of an LNB to receive and process good signals. But no matter what type, you have to be very careful in configuring these settings of your mini dish. Remember, misdirection of the dish or misuse of LNB can overload and damage the device. As always advised, refer to the manufacturer’s manual for better understanding of your equipment’s capacity.

Now that you have somewhat of a better grasp on how your RV’s satellite TV works. Do constantly check on those flush mounts attached to the dish before every trip. You don’t want them left behind anywhere without your notice.

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