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Facebook Flop

Off With his Hoodie

It seems these days that you can’t go online and not see some story about how Mark Zuckerberg should step down from the helm of Facebook. How dare he go to a meeting with all these bankers and Wall Street wizards wearing his hoodie. So first I’ll come to his defense by asking, is it really important what the guy wears to a meeting? Does the hoodie make him any less brilliant than he was to grab a fabulous idea and run with it?

Of course Wall Street greed has nothing to do with overpricing the Initial Public Offering right? Isn’t its price dropping because the market place these days is demanding some semblance of sanity in its valuation of anything? Haven’t we all been living in a more realistic world since the Great Recession? So what’s all of this have to do with real estate sales you ask? A lot!

Google or Facebook: Who Knows More

You see, marketing has always played a major role in any business let alone real estate sales and one of the biggest challenges that all marketers face is narrowing the target audience down to reach the most ideal prospects without choking the funnel. Prior to the Internet Age, we were reduced to farming areas blindly through lists or general mailers that may or may not have been hitting the target. These days we lean on Google to narrow that niche as we chase our targets with keywords paying only for those prospects that are compelled to “click.”

So now enter Facebook. That silly place that started as a dating game at Harvard and then grew into a social behemoth with 100s of millions of users. Remembering that this all started purely as a social party, the most savvy of marketers are beginning to realize that there may be no better way to “target market” than Facebook. After reading Perry Marshall’s book, The Ultimate Facebook Guide, I ran a test ad and was shocked to see the level of finite detail I could choose to target my market… I mean right down to the personal interest level… go try that on Google!

Don’t Toss Zuckerbaby

So before you throw the Zuckerberg baby out with the Wall Street dirty water, take a closer look because you’re looking at one of the greatest opportunities real estate agents have ever had to target a very clear ideal prospect for a very small, controllable and measurable dollar amount! Oh and if you like to play the stock market… remember to buy good companies when there’s blood in the streets as JP Morgan once said!

About the Author Danny Griffin

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