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9 Timeless Tips for Commercial Real Estate Presentations

In commercial real estate brokerage today, most of the presentations that you make will be competitive. There will be other agents chasing the same listing with many enticements and alternatives of marketing. Your presentation simply has to be the best for you to stand a chance of winning the listing.

In one simple phrase, your presentation has to be ‘relevant and specific’. The days of generic marketing are well gone.

It is worth saying that specific marketing processes only apply to ‘exclusive listings’; if the client is only giving you an ‘open’ listing then everything in the listing process becomes a lot more ‘ordinary’.

So here is a tip. Any client that is genuine in the sale or leasing process does not want to be ‘ordinary’ or an ‘experiment’ in marketing. If your recommendations are of top quality, it will be hard for the client to ignore or overlook your proposal.

It stands to reason that a top quality presentation will be of attraction and highly relevant to the client. If you focus your efforts in this way you have a much better chance of winning the ‘exclusive’ listing; that should be your process and your target.

Here are some well proven ways to attract the interest of the client in a proposal and presentation about commercial or retail property. You can add to the list based on location and property type:

  1. Check out the property completely. When you understand the property you can deal with the strengths and weaknesses as part of the presentation.
  2. Understand the client. They will have pressures and requirements to solve the ‘property pain’ issue that is at the back of their mind. When you resolve the ‘pain’ you stand a good chance of winning the listing
  3. Research the competition. Other agents and properties can create complications.
  4. Know the market as to enquiries, prices and rents. Decide how your listing will achieve ‘market results’ and why that will be the case.
  5. Set the target audience of buyers or tenants. Match the marketing campaign to the people that will really find the property of benefit or useful.
  6. Use your database as leverage. Tell the client about your short-list of people that you will show the property to when it is listed.
  7. Develop 3 marketing strategies so the client has some alternatives to work with.
  8. Exclusive listings are necessary. Don’t waste your time with ‘open’ listings. It is only a ‘fall back’ strategy.
  9. Use a Gantt chart to show progress and strategy. The marketing process is complex. This chart will show the client what you are going to do and when.

So the key issue in winning a listing is for you to be ‘specific’ and not ‘generic’. Get to the real facts of the property and what it requires to solve the client’s challenge of marketing and finding that valuable buyer or seller.

John Highman is a leading commercial real estate coach who has helped many commercial salespeople and agents around the World promote and grow their real estate business. You will find a full archive of helpful commercial real estate tips and strategies at http://www.commercial-realestate-training.com/

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