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3 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Get More Seller Leads

Whether investing, selling, or buying in real estate, it is crucial to connect with the potential prospect to achieve success. For long-term success in this industry, consistent and systematic lead generation is the right strategy to have in place. Attracting leads in real estate is often difficult and challenging. But, by being diverse and using a variety of lead sources, there is greater opportunity to earn consistent commissions. Here are several options that can be used to generate the potential seller leads for those in real estate:

For Sale by Owner listings

Even though a lot of people attempt to market their own home, up to 90% aren’t able to complete a successful transaction. This is caused by a variety of issues, such as overpricing, poor marketing, limited resources, and inexperience. Selling a property is a highly stressful experience, especially for those that do not have practical knowledge in this area. This high failure rate can present a great opportunity for the experienced real estate agent to offer their professional services. Look up the potential property listings by using online sources like Craigslist or traditional classified ads in local newspapers. Aim to offer a free consultation to see if you are able to help the property owner.

Search for expired listings

Similar to properties offered for sale by owners, the properties that are being marketed through an estate agent can also expire and not result in a successful transaction. Listings expire for several reasons, such as not being marketed well or a house is listed at an unreasonable price. By using the multiple listing service (MLS) it should be possible to identify properties that have the potential to be sold with proper marketing and advertising. Many sellers with an expired listing will have taken on a new agent, but there still might be options to help if the seller is starting to get desperate to complete the property transaction.

Use Facebook for leads

Use the search functionality to help find people who are actively planning on moving, house hunting, packing, or similar related to selling a home. Also, make sure to include the local city in the search to help with identifying the more likely seller leads. A further option is to use Facebook ads to help market the real estate agent service offered. Monetizing ads on this social media site is still relatively cheap. So, it should be possible to pinpoint the potential clients and offer a required service without having to invest an excessive amount on marketing.

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